Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City

In the latest DC Comics solicitations for the month of May, one of the listed releases is a reprint of Milligan's three-issue Batman story, "Dark Knight, Dark City," under the DC Comics Presents banner. (It also includes issue 633 from his Detective Comics run from the early '90s.)
Mike Mignola did the covers for each issue of the Dark Knight, Dark City

This is an excellent and relatively unheralded Batman story. Those of you who have been reading Grant Morrison's contemporary Batman epic can find some of the roots of Morrison's inspiration in Dark Knight, Dark City. (The concept of Barbathos was introduced in this particular story.) It's also one of the best Riddler stories I can think of.

Milligan did some topnotch Batman comics in the early nineties, so it's nice to see at least some of them get reprinted. His Detective Comics issues were all mostly superb done-in-one stories, crafted so artfully that there was a poetry to the rhythm of their execution.

This DC Comics Presents reprint should be available on May 18 for the retail price of $7.99.

Milligan also has a story in the upcoming Vertigo Anthology, Strange Adventures #1, set to release on May 25. An 80-page comic, Strange Adventures #1 also features the first chapter of Brian Azzarello's and Eduardo Risso's new collaboration, Spaceman.

The cover to Strange Adventures #1

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